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Reznor FSE

cabinet heaters

The FSE range of either gas or oil fired floorstanding cabinet heaters, combine innovative design with proven heat exchanger technology, to provide a high efficiency cost effective and durable range of heaters.

Gas powered units may be specified for either Propane (G31) or Natural Gas (G20) and can be installed as free blowing applications or for use with ductwork.

The Oil fired cabinet heaters are suitable for use with Class D gas oil (35 sec), most units can also be specified for Kerosene (28 sec oil). Oil fired cabinets are supplied complete with factory fitted fire valve and oil filter.


Key Features

  • Indirect oil/gas fired warm air heater
  • Natural gas (G20)
  • Propane (G31)
  • Oil 35 sec. & 28 sec.
  • Airflow various models producing outputs from 3,500 – 25,000 cubic metres
  • Static pressure (ducted) various models 80 – 150 Pa