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Powrmatic PZN LTHW Low Temperature Hot Water Heater

Compatible with a wide variety of heat sources including both new and existing Biomass boiler systems the Powrmatic PZN water heater is ideal for installation in wide variety of applications. These include heating warehouses, heating garage areas and workshops, heating factories and many more.

Manufactured with a corrosion-resistant galvanised, pre-painted metal or stainless steel casing, enclosing a copper/aluminium heat exchanger, the Powrmatic PZN low temperature water heater is built to provide long-lasting reliability. With fixed adjustable louvres the PZN hot water heater is also manufactured with external threads on the steel headers for rapid connection to existing systems.

Units feature low noise ERP 2015 compliant, high performance axial fans mounted in a safety protection cage. Depending on the model these can be supplied with either two or three speed motors.

For more about our low temperature hot water heaters give us a call or complete an enquiry form and we will be pleased to help.