Certikin Pool Heating Repairs

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Certikin Swimming Pool Heaters

Certikin MB 185/265/405 swimming pool heaters, with EconoTherm heat exchanger technology are built with the latest in heater technology. The UniTherm Plus Full Flow system, which controls both the water temperature and flow rate inside the heater, eliminates condensation, soot and scale buildup. Certikin pool heaters are designed to last longer and deliver more heat to your pool or spa water, per unit of fuel, than any other heaters you can buy.

Cost and energy efficient

Certikin heaters avoid the costly installation of heat sinks, because the alumina silica combustion chamber does not retain heat when the heater shuts off. Energy smart Certikin heaters consistently achieve high efficiency ratings.

Key Features

  • Fully CE approved for most European countries
  • 80% Energy efficient
  • Special adaptor provided for PVC plumbing
  • Unitherm governor – eliminates condensation and scale
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Resistant to wind & downdrafts
  • Can be installed indoors and outdoors
  • High wind tops for the 185, 265 and 405 models are available on request
  • Quick-fit electrics

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