Commercial & Industrial Heating Systems

Warm Air

Warm air heating is installed in a vast number of factories in the United Kingdom and are probably the most commonly employed industrial heating systems for industry. Warm air is provided through either floor standing cabinet or suspended unit type heaters and provide a highly efficient and robust solution for most industries.

Floor Standing Cabinets

These are highly efficient, powerful heating units which are positioned on the floor and  are equipped with much larger heat outputs than their unit heater counterparts. In addition to being highly cost efficient, they are a very quick and effective way of heating a factory space.

Typically their specifications include:

  • Indirect gas or oil fired supply
  • Stainless steel or mild steel heat exchangers
  • Horizontal stainless steel flues
  • ECA qualifying controls
  • Can be either free blowing or ducted
  • Can be weatherproof if required in an exposed position
  • Summer ventilation facility

Suspended Unit Heaters

These self-contained heating units are commonly suspended from a workshop or factory roof, or are positioned on an internal flat roof. They offer a highly efficient heating solution for smaller units, where floor space is at a premium.

Typically their specifications include:

  • Suspended installation to maximise working floor space
  • Horizontal flue to prevent penetration of dust or liquids
  • Ducted combustion air
  • Centrifugal fan employed for ducted applications
  • ECA qualifying controls
  • Summer ventilation facility

Heathcrest Heating Limited specialises in installing industrial and commercial heating systems in a wide variety of locations. These can be as diverse as factories and warehouses, shops and workshops, or sports facilities and religious buildings.

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