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Powrmatic Baratherm Door Air Curtain

Powrmatic Baratherm units provide a high velocity door air curtain. The standard unit is for applications in that the air stream is not heated and will assist in preventing air movement out from the space and thereby reduce energy costs.

The high air velocity stream will also reduce the ingress of air bourne contaminants and insects into the space. When a heated application is required the unit can connected to a heated air stream.

The Baratherm unit can easily be ducted onto a heating source such as our NVx or CPx heater ranges.

Baratherm Unit Design

  • Designed to be suspended from suitable roof points or alternatively to be mounted on purpose designed brackets and are intended primarily for use in commercial or industrial premises.
  • Baratherm units are fitted with centrifugal fans that force air out through the downward facing exit slot that has directional louvres fitted.
  • Casing construction is from 1.00mm galvanised mild steel. Standard finish is unpainted, but a choice of BS and RAL colours are available.
  • Painted units are finished with a durable epoxy powder coat paint finish which is stove hardened.