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Powrmatic Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters are widely used to provide space heating for factories, warehouses, supermarkets, sports centres, factories, and other buildings containing similarly large spaces.

Commercial radiant heaters contain a gas or oilfired burner that is employed to heat a tube, cone or plaque that emits infrared radiation when hot. This infrared radiation is then directed downwards by the incorporation of heat reflectors within the unit.

Tube Radiant Heaters

Powrmatic radiant tube heaters may be installed in either vented (flued) or unvented (unflued) mode however specific regulations and requirements apply for the safe evacuation of flue gases.

Key Features

  • Input Ratings from 15kW to 94kW available in Linear and ‘U’ models
  • ‘Herringbone’ Multi Heater systems available with all ‘U’ and Linear models
  • Heat treated Aluminised Calorised emitter tube surface – for flake free and cleaner working environment
  • Natural Gas and Propane supply
  • Aluminium reflectors – the tested and proven superior material
  • Designed to maximise downward radiant heating effect
  • Lightweight construction – 100mm tubes supplied in 3m sections – easy to assemble and install
  • CE Approved
  • Efficient and cost saving heating method



Plaque Radiant Heater

Powrmatic radiant plaque heaters are smaller than tube heaters but are just as efficient in providing economical and viable heating solutions for large units.

Key Features

  • highly energy efficiency and economy, low CO2 and NO
  • Easy Installation
  • Rapid Heating Solution
  • Low Noise Levels
  • Simple and space-saving installation
  • 2 year parts and one year labour guarantee
  • Lightweight construction
  • Aluminium reflectors designed to maximise downward radiation

If you are uncertain which radiant heater system would suit your requirements, just fill in the form for free advice or call us on 01494 771211