• Do not try to light any appliance
  • Do not touch any electrical switch
  • Do not use any phone in the vicinity
  • Immediately call your gas supplier from a remote phone such as a neighbour or an office in another building
  • Follow the gas supplier’s instructions

Installation and service of gas heating and appliances must be performed by a “Gas Safe” registered installer (see CORGI)

General Precautions:

Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapours and liquids in the vicinity of heating appliances.

Gas leaks kill dozens of people every year and injure over 1000 others, the majority of gas related injuries occur as a result of old, poorly installed, or badly maintained equipment. Regular inspection of gas appliances ensures that hoses, seals etc. do not permit dangerous leakage.

Particular attention should be paid to inspecting existing equipment when taking on older premises.

If you have any doubt that a system is not functioning as well as it should, has signs of soot or carbon near appliances, is producing a musty smell in the air or may lack maintenance have it tested.