Swimming pool heating can be very expensive, but much can be done to reduce running costs. Gas powered heating is more economical than any other means of heating and is best installed if you live in a gas supplied area. Electricity and oil fired heating have swapped places in recent years because of high oil prices, though with Iran’s oil now leading to lower oil prices, this may change.

Older pumps and boilers are less efficient than their newer counterparts, so if the system was installed a while ago, it would be wise to consider replacing it. However, the greatest cause of inefficiency and cost is simply not having a sensible routine.

  • When not in use keep the pool covered. Uncovered outdoor swimming pools will lose around 75% or more of its stored energy simply by evaporation from the water surface. Covers also help heat the water by the action of heat on their surfaces.
  • When not in use, turn down the temperature, reducing it by 1° can save as much as 5% of your energy usage. Remember that it will take time to raise the temperature again, so allow for this when next using the pool.
  • If you are installing a pool, ensure that you appoint a specialist pool company. Although modern pool shells are highly insulated, heat loss through the ground can be significant, especially if sited near to streams and other moving water.

Indoor heated pools suffer from evaporation heat loss too, and are surprisingly no cheaper to run usually than an outdoor pool. The pool room will normally have many more glass panels than a normal room and will usually be kept very warm. Unlike outdoor pools that are drained through the colder months, an indoor pool is likely to remain filled throughout the year.

As their outdoor counterparts, indoor pools should be covered when not in use, temperatures lowered to reduce unnecessary energy use and attention paid to the room insulation, as this is the greatest cause of heat loss.

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