Combat CTCU heaters

COMBAT® Compact CTCU Tubular Unit Heaters are easy to install, maintain and operate with a broad range of options. These heaters free valuable workspace and provide flexibility for mounting on a pre-existing shelf, wall mounting on a shelf or suspended. Available in room sealed or open flued installation, COMBAT® Compact CTCU Tubular Unit Heaters have automatic ignition burners for ON/OFF operation only. Lockout indicator lights help make troubleshooting easier.

For long life, the heaters utilise aluminised steel heat exchangers. COMBAT® Compact CTCU Tubular Unit Heaters offer horizontal and vertical air distribution options. Also, the heater’s compact size makes it easy to handle and less expensive to ship. With remote fan operation, these unit heaters can provide summer air circulation.

COMBAT® CTCU-Series Warm Air Unit Heaters are for commercial and industrial applications such as vehicle repair/service shops, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Our warm air unit heaters can provide energy savings and reduced costs for building owners.

Key Features

  • Requires minimal space
  • Compact design
  • Frees up valuable floor space
  • Suspended, shelf or wall mounted installation
  • Horizontal or vertical air distribution
  • Easy to install, maintain and operate
  • With rear or top air and flue spigots

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